City of Inglewood Budget Document

The budget document represents more than a listing of revenues and expenditures for the forthcoming fiscal year; it characterizes a comprehensive and operational financial plan for the City of Inglewood.

The budget document is divided into the following sections:






The budget summary contains the Administrative Officer’s transmittal letter, which emphasizes the more prominent revenue and expenditure programs approved by the City Council. The letter also enumerates the state of the City along with a mission statement for the upcoming fiscal year. In addition, the budget summary section contains an organizational chart, a glossary, and other illustrations that summarize expenditure histories by fund, type and agency. There are additional charts that summarize projected revenues and expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year.

The revenue section of the budget provides detailed explanations of the trends of major revenue sources in the City. Also included are historical and projected data for each revenue line item, organized by fund.

The expenditure budget section describes the budgetary goals and objectives (program descriptions) of each agency/organization, along with historical and projected expenditure line item totals for each agency. Also included in this section is a summary of interfund transactions, detailed position summaries and descriptions of major changes, if any, for each agency/organization.

The CIP Budget details the current year of the City's Capital Improvement Program. Appropriation amounts and brief descriptions of all capital projects are included. The funding sources that support these projects are included in the summary.

The statistical section contains such information as the historical summary of Inglewood, the Inglewood governmental facts, basis of budgeting and classification of funds, a debt summary in brief, a recap of authorized positions/hours by agency, a summary of approved capital outlay and miscellaneous statistical data.