City of Inglewood Budget Process

The Inglewood City Charter, as adopted by the voters in 1926, requires that the City's annual budget be submitted for review and approval prior to the end of each fiscal year.  The City's fiscal year begins on the 1st day of October each year and ends on the 30th day of September of the following year.

May Budget kick-off meeting occurs.
May-Jun Departments develop then submit their preliminary budget request.
Jun-Mid Aug After review of departmental requests, the Budget Team develops the prelimary operating budget.
Mid Aug City Administrator submits the proposed budget to the Mayor and City Council for consideration
Aug-Sept Budget Study Sessions held for City Council and public input and comment.

Initial planning, development of revenue estimates and budget instructions begins in April, subsequent to a mid-year review of the current year’s budget. Budget kickoff meetings are normally held in early May.

 In mid-May, each department prepares its budget requests, which consist of requests for maintenance and operation funds, new personnel/hours, capital outlay, computer hardware, and new programs.

 The capital project budget is a one-year document developed in tandem with the operating budget and is an integral part of that budget. No separate capital budget document is developed.  

Preliminary departmental budget requests are reviewed and compiled by the Deputy City Administrator/Administrative Services and the Budget Administration division of the City Administrator’s office. (Budget Team).

After review and analyses of the budget requests have been completed, in mid-June, meetings are arranged among the City Administrator, the Budget Team, and each department. Based on the decisions agreed to at these meetings, the Budget Team develops the City's preliminary budget.

The City Administrator submits the preliminary budget to the Mayor & City Council for consideration in late August or early September.  Concurrently, one or more budget study sessions are typically scheduled to gain public input and comment on the proposed budget. The City Council after consideration and/or modification adopts the preliminary budget in September.

From October 1, the effective date of the budget, the amounts stated as proposed expenditures become appropriated to the agency and organization for the objects and purposes named.

Following the adoption of the preliminary budget, Council must approve any increases or decreases in spending authority as unanticipated situations arise during the fiscal year.   The City Administrator has the authority to transfer monies between and within agency organizations without restriction to amount.

The City Administrator may also transfer monies between personnel services, maintenance and operation, and capital outlay and improvement accounts up to an amount of $5,000 without approval of the City Council.  The City Council, however, must approve any transfer exceeding $5,000. The Council must also authorize the transfer of monies from fund contingency accounts to agency accounts.