City of Inglewood Fund and Organization Structure

The State of California Constitution, State laws, the City Charter and Council-passed ordinances have mandated the creation of funds in which public dollars are accounted for. By segregating transactions related to certain government functions or activities, the City ensures legal compliance of the application of these dollars. In addition, the use of funds and/or account codes is required to report on the City's financial position and operations. For more detailed information on the how the funds are classified, see "Basis of Budgeting and Classification of Funds" in the General & Statistical Information section in the back of this document. Below is a listing of the City's funds:

Codes Name Created By
001 General Charter
060 Gas Tax State Const.
070 Sanitation Ordinance
080 Special Assessment State Law
090 Sewer Ordinance
110 Water Utility Ordinance
125 Internal Service Ordinance
130 Trust & Agency Ordinance
161 - 169 Redevelopment Ordinance
170 Housing Ordinance
220 Grants Ordinance
251 - 255 Debt Service Ordinance

Agency Codes

Each City agency has been assigned an identification code number, which is used for all financial transactions. These code numbers allow the City's Local Government Financial System (LGFS) to maintain agency expenditure records and facilitate the ability of agency staff to monitor costs. The code numbers for all City agencies are listed below:

Codes Agency
010 Mayor and City Council
011 City Clerk
012 City Treasurer
015 Legal
020 Administration
021 Personnel
024 Information Technology & Communications
025 Finance
030 Community Development
045 Police
050 Library
060 Public Works
070 Parks, Recreation, & Community Services
098 Civic Center
099 Non-Departmental
100 Capital Projects