(All questions except Question 18 are required.)

1. Is your firm a: Headquarters/Sole Proprietor         Branch/Franchise         Home-based Business
2. Total commercial space currently occupied?
Home Less than 5000 sq.ft. 5000-20000 sq.ft. 20000-50000 sq.ft. Over 50000 sq.ft.

3. Length of time located in Inglewood? Less than 5 yrs. 5-10 yrs. 11-20 yrs. Over 20 yrs.

4. How would you rate services your firm has received from the City? Excellent Good Fair Poor

5. What type of City service(s) do/did you receive?
6. How would you rate the City's business license application and renewal process?
Excellent Good Fair Poor

How many people do you currently employ? 7. Full-Time? 8. Part-Time?

9. Would you be interested in attending a business workshop sponsored by the City of Inglewood?
Yes       No

10. If yes, what topics would be most beneficial to your business?

11. Do you use other Inglewood businesses for products/services? Yes No

12. If not, would you consider using Inglewood Businesses for products/services? Yes    No  

13. what are your expectations of the South Bay economy in the next 12 months? Better Same Worse
14. Are you considering any of the following actions during the next three years? (select one)
Expanding your business space in Inglewood Relocating out of Inglewood
Closing firm;going out of business N/A

In the next 12 months, potential number of jobs to be 15. Added 16. Eliminated

17. If expanding, total square footage desired                                                                         

18. If you lease, when will your lease expire?                                       Years Months

19. If relocating out of Inglewood, what is the main reason?

20. What factors, positive/negative are affecting your business?

21. What company or types of companies would you like to see attracted to the City of Inglewood?

22. What type of service can the City of Inglewood provide that would be most beneficial to your business?

23. Name of Business

24. Business Address

25. Name of Respondent 26. Title

27. Respondent email address 28. Company website address

29. Name of CEO/Owner                                                                         

You may also return this form via fax to: (310)330-5780 or mail: One Manchester, Room #550, Inglewood, CA 90301 (spanish)