Q.   What is the Residential Sound Insulation Program?

A.  The City of Inglewood offers residential sound insulation, at no cost, to residents living in neighborhoods with a recorded Community Noise Equivalent Level (CNEL) of 65 decibels (dB) or higher.  The goal is to achieve an interior noise level of no more than 45 (dB). The aim is to provide relief to residents who live within the designated FAA 2020 Noise Exposure Map (NEM) contours of LAX.  Sound insulation makes it easier for the highest impacted residents to talk on the telephone, watch TV, listen to music, take a nap, or have a conversation in their homes/condos/apartments without the disruption of airplane noise.

Q.  How are the noise levels measured?

A.   There are 8 noise monitors within the City of Inglewood. They record noise measurements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The noise monitoring equipment is in compliance with California Department of Transportation and County of Los Angeles requirements and are calibrated and maintained on a regular basis.

Q.   How are the contractors selected?

A.   The city’s competitive bid process is used, soliciting sealed bids from qualified contractors.

Q. Once construction begins, how long will it take for the work to be completed?

A.   The contractor is required to complete work on each individual home within 10 working days. Unless in the event of rain. 

Q.   Are permits required in order to insulate my home?

A.   The contractor performing the sound insulation construction must acquire permits and is responsible for the cost of those permits.

Q.   Is the work guaranteed?

A.   Yes, the contractor guarantees the work for one year, which is consistent with industry practice.

Q.   Are the products guaranteed?

A.   The manufacturer will provide warranties to the property owner for doors, windows and other products used to sound insulate the homes.

Q.   Are there different styles of sound insulation products to choose from?

A.   Yes. We work with the property owner to select products (windows, doors, etc.) that will work best in the home to reduce sound and, at the same time, are aesthetically pleasing.  A visit to our showroom will show you the full range of product types available.

Q.   Do I have to be home during construction?

A.   Yes. The homeowner, the tenant or the homeowner’s representative must be present during all construction. No work will be done otherwise.

Q.   Can you accommodate vacation schedules?

A.   Although work must be done within a specific time frame in each bid group, there is some flexibility within that time period. If the schedule conflicts with a planned vacation or other personal situation, we will do our best to accommodate the resident's needs.

Q.   What should I do about my pets during construction?

A.   You are responsible for the well-being of your pet. You should remove your animal(s) if you are worried about their reaction to any aspect of construction.

Q.   What precautions should I take to protect my personal property?

A.   You must secure and protect all valuables at the site. Although all precautions will be taken to avoid damage to the owner’s property, it is recommended that the owner remove any dust-sensitive equipment from the work area to prevent possible damage.

Q.   I have a security alarm system. Will this system be disconnected and reconnected by the city?

A.   Yes, security alarm systems will be disconnected and reconnected as required.

Q    I have security bars on many of my windows. Will these be taken off and reinstalled?

A    Security bars will be removed from windows and doors when necessary. However, only those bars that comply with all current codes for emergency exiting (quick-release) will be reinstalled by the city.

Q.   Will the city remove and reinstall window coverings?

A.   No, the city requests that the homeowner remove and reinstall all window treatments, other than shutters.

Q.  Will my property be left clean following construction?

A.   Yes.  All properties will be returned to their pre-construction condition.

Q. I have a doggie door in the back door and a mail slot in the front door. Can I keep these features?

A.   Unfortunately, doggie doors and mail slots are pathways for noise to enter the home. If you decide to keep the doggie door, the noise level in that room may not be reduced as much as it could be. Mail slots can be modified to reduce noise transmission or replaced by exterior mailboxes. 

Q.   How am I protected against liability during construction?

A.   All our contractors are licensed and bonded and contract directly with the City of Inglewood. The homeowner is held harmless on any legal matters.

Q.   If I sell my home without having it sound insulated, can the new owner request sound insulation?

A.   Yes. The new owner will have the option of having the residence sound insulated.

Q.   Will my home be reassessed?

A.   No. The State Board of Equalization considers sound insulation modifications exempt.