Construction Operations and Management

Residential Sound Insulation Manager Summary

Our endeavor in the Construction Operations and Management unit is to provide professional construction oversight and management on all Residential Sound Insulation (RSI) projects. Our operations and management team members take pride in providing quality service to our most valued costumer - the property owner. Quality assurance, quality control and employing best management practices are performance standards infused to all aspects of our RSI construction activities by each team member. These standards are maintained from the onset of the property owner's involvement, through project design and phase formulation, bid advertising, contractor assessment and through the construction and project completion phases. Primarily, we continue to maintain successful performance and production levels on our projects.

Our continued aim is to promote a better quality of life for all eligible property owners by alleviating their exposure to highly disturbing noise levels generated by the aircraft going to and from our local neighbor, one of the busiest airports countrywide.

Over the years our robust RSI program has contributed to stabilizing the Inglewood community by improving residential housing, preserving community pride, increasing property values, and by creating energy efficient environments. These contributions are made through RSI program assistance through installation of quality products and energy efficient materials and equipment.

We continually set the bar higher in an effort to achieve service excellence and peak performance on all projects. We are all proud of the All American City we work for, the continued success of our RSI program and achievements accomplished. Our resolve is to continue on an aggressive RSI program trajectory, to coordinate, organize and provide positive impacts to the community, and to sound insulate every eligible property with dispatch.


Anthony Barbarin,

Senior Construction Manager

Construction Operations and Management Team

George McCall, Construction Manager

Joe Greenwood, Construction Manager

Gordon Hom, Senior Engineering Technician

Olga Hebert, Senior Engineering Technician

Kendall Reed, Construction lnspector

Mona Adkins, Construction Inspector

Fidel Barajas, RSI Eligibility Inspector