Schedule of Fees

Effective January 01, 2016

Zoning Fee Schedule

Below are items which are required to be included on the development plan. Typically, two sets of plans are required. Plans that are incomplete or inaccurate will delay processing of the application.

SITE PLAN (Plot Plan): Shape and dimensions of the lot or parcel of land showing location, outline and dimensions of all structures, parking area and other improvements of the property. Label the use of each structure; show abutting streets.

PARKING PLAN: Location and dimensions of each parking space driveway, turning land, etc. (This may be included on the site plan if drawn at a sufficiently large scale.)

BUILDING FLOOR PLAN: Shape and dimensions of all rooms inside the building(s); label the use of each room or area. Show locations of doors and windows.

BUILDING ELEVATIONS: Design and dimensions of the exterior elevations (walls) of the building(s) showing doors, windows, rooflines, signs and other architectural elements. (For site plan review and design review, note exterior materials and colors.)

ROOF PLAN: Specific location, size, height and location from roof edge of all equipment and other roof items.

LANDSCAPING PLAN: Specific location, quantity, size and species of all plant materials. An irrigation plan should be included.

TOPOGRAPHIC/GRADING PLAN: Contours of existing topography and finished grades.

SIGNS: Location, type and dimensions of all existing and proposed signs, including building elevations for wall signs.

PHOTOGRAPHS of the site, to include abutting property conditions and any slope condition.

PHOTOGRAPHS of building elevations.

For information regarding fees and submittal requirements, please contact the Planning Division at (310) 412-5230.