Organization Chart


Provides for the collection of various revenues received by the City such as:

  • Business Tax
  • Business Licensing
  • Utilities (water, sewer & refuse)
  • Parking Citations
  • Alarm Permits


Provides central cashiering services for the Finance Department as well as disbursement of petty cash and preparation of daily bank deposits. The Cashiering Division receives all payments from business tax, business license, utilities, parking citations and alarm permits. The division is also responsible for dispensing bus passes to City of Inglewood residents.

Accounts Payable

Processes payments to various City of Inglewood vendors using generally accepted accounting and auditing principles.

Financial Reporting

Provides financial information on City activity for many users, including elected officials, citizens and funding agencies. The Financial Reporting Division also provides accounting services for the City, consistent with the highest professional standards and in accordance with legal requirements and generally accepted accounting principles.