Meet the Deputy City Administrator/CIO

Michael D. Falkow, Assistant City Manager/CIO

I’ve called Southern California my home for almost 30 years.  Mixed in between being a dad and husband, I’m currently the Assistant City Manager and Chief Information Officer here at the City of Inglewood.  This role mixes municipal administration with information technology and emergency preparedness & disaster planning.   

From a municipal administration perspective, I oversee the Information Technology & Communications (ITC), Human Resources, Library, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Departments, and I also serve as the Commission Advisor to the Citizen’s Police Oversight Commission.  In these various capacities, I am heavily involved in employee bargaining and human resource-related activities.  Finally, I’m responsible for the non-public safety aspects of emergency preparedness & disaster planning, which allows me to work very closely with our City’s Police Department, Public Works Department, and City Attorney’s Office. 

From an ITC perspective, I oversee a department that is responsible for the City’s technology infrastructure including our 65-server data center, applications development, the Web and Intranet, Computer Operations, the Help Desk, Public Safety systems, and Telecommunications, which includes our 911 Call Center, which is operated by our Police Department.  I also provide executive direction to our Parking and Outsource Services division (Inglewood Citation Management Services—ICMS), which processes parking citations for 60 agencies around the state.  This government shared services endeavor is quite the novel approach; it’s like having a private sector entity trapped in a municipal body.   

I’ve been with Inglewood for 8 years.  As a Certified Document Imaging Architech™ (CDIA+), I specialize in systems analysis, workflow, business process analysis, document imaging (e.g., scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval), forms management, and Web-based data capture.  This experience has proven to be extremely valuable, as it’s helped balance my extensive technology background by coupling it with broad business‑centric experience.  Along these lines is my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (   

During my career, I have had the opportunity to take full advantage of the balance between technology and business.  Clearly, I enjoy working with technology, which is sort of obvious—I am the proverbial “digit head” or “computer nerd.”  In addition, I enjoy writing and public speaking, which are much less obvious given my heavy focus on math and science.  I have an innate love of teaching, and I had the opportunity to feed this desire when I taught computer science at California State University, Fullerton (my two-time alma mater) as a part-time faculty member and the University of Phoenix as an online faculty member.   

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