Hollywood Park Mixed Use Project

Hollywood Park Tomorrow Mixed Use Development

Hollywood Park Tomorrow consists of the redevelopment of the approximately 238-acre project site, and includes demolition of the existing Hollywood Park racetrack/grandstand, the rehabilitation of the 120,000 square-foot Pavilion/Casino gaming facility, and construction of a new mixed-use development that contains approximately 2,995 dwelling units, 620,000 square feet (sf) of retail space, 75,000 sf of office/commercial space, a 300-room hotel, 10,000 sf of community serving uses, and a 25-acre park system with passive and active recreational opportunities. On June 3, 2009, the Inglewood City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) and on July 8, 2009, approved the Hollywood Park Specific Plan (HPSP) and other entitlements associated with the project. These project documents can be accessed on this site or you may also review them in person at the Inglewood Planning Division, 4th Floor, One Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA  90301

Links to approved project documents 

Hollywood Park Specific Plan
Development Agreement
Owners Participation Agreement

Ordinance 09-10 (Text Amendments to Chapter 12)
Ordinance 09-11 (Zone Change from Commercial Recreation to HPSP)
Ordinance 09-12 (HP Specific Plan)
Ordinance 09-13 (Amending Redevelopment Plan)
Ordinance 09-14 (Development Agreement)

Resolution 09-43 (Certification of FEIR)
Resolution 09-71 (General Plan Amendment)
Resolution 09-72 (Amedment to Land Use Element
Resolution 09-73 (Vesting Tenative Tract Map 69906
Resolution R09-73 (Owners Participation Agreement

Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)

I. Introduction/Execitive Summary
II. Project Description
III. Additions and Corrections
IV. Responses to Comments
V. Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program