Waste Collection FAQ's

Waste Collection Facts:

  • How many refuse trucks are used in the City of Inglewood? Eighteen (18)

  • Residential trucks? Ten (9) Collection and (1) Bulky Item

  • Commercial trucks? Eight (7) Trash and (1) Recycle

  • Jeeps/Scout Vehicles? Three (3) Scout Vehicles are used to pull the bins out of enclosures and to take them to the refuse truck for dumping

  • How many ton’s collected a day? Approximately 320 tons

  • How many ton’s a week? Approximately 1600 tons

  • Residential population served? 20,117 Dwellings

  • Where is refuse taken? Trash is taken to Consolidated Disposal Service's American Waste Transfer Station where it is sorted. Residual garbage is taken to Consolidated Volume Transport Disposal and Recycling Center (CVT). Recycling and Green Waste is taken to CDS' Compton Transfer Station.