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Green Model Shop Certification


The Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) implemented a “Green Model Shop Certification” program.The program is designed to educate and train both Administrators and Technicians regarding the usage of environmentally sound business practices in the automotive division.

The certification program included a 4-hour classroom course along with an inspection of the City’s Fleet Service facility. The course covered environmental ways of managing a shop by reducing waste while using environmental friendly products.

Administration authorized the Fleet Service Division to enroll in the certification program in August 2003.On November 20, 2003, the Division successfully passed the “Green Model Shop Certification” program.Having completed this program, the City of Inglewood will be recognized as one of the few municipalities to be a ”Green Model Shop” certified operation.The City will be acknowledged on the (DTSC) website.

On February 10, 2005, the Fleet Services Division received its Certification Award for achieving “Green Model Shop” status.

Ty Smith and John Ison were on hand from the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to present the award to the Division. The Fleet Services staff gathered in the Technicians training room to hear the presentation, and receive their award.

The Division continues to maintain a high standard in lowering the amount of environmental waste that is generated in the maintenance of the City fleet. The City of Inglewood will now be represented on the DTSC website as a “Green Model Shop”. This will be accessible at :

Top 100 Best Fleets Recognition

The City of Inglewood’s Department of Public Works, Fleet Services Division, has been named one of the Top 100 Best Fleets in the nation. The March 4, 2004, issue of Utility Fleet Management magazine, in an article entitled “Recognizing Excellence,” describes how that the Fleet Services Division was evaluated against 18 criteria by Fleet Consultant, Tom C. Johnson.

The article can be accessed by clicking the following link: http://www.ttnews.com/ufm/feature0304.asp

Under the direct leadership of its new Fleet Superintendent, Rick D. Longobart, the Fleet Services Division has taken several steps to upgrade the way our fleet is managed, many of the categories of which served as a basis of the evaluation, including the following:

  • Category 1: Client Goals
  • Category 2: Facilities
  • Category 3: Computer System Technology
  • Category 4: Shop Equipment/Technology
  • Category 5: Staffing/Get Organized Chart
  • Category 6: Contract Work/Privatization
  • Category 7: Policy & Procedures
  • Category 8: PM Program/Inspections/Scheduling
  • Category 9: Work Flow/Paper Flow/Forms Used and Why
  • Category 10: Fleet Utilization/Type Usage/Size of Fleet
  • Category 11: Replacement Program/Funding
  • Category 12: Accounting Requirement/Billings to Users
  • Category 13: User Department Interview
  • Category 14: Parts Inventory Control & Management
  • Category 15: Alternative Fuel/Hazardous Material Management
  • Category 16: Procurement Process
  • Category 17: Fuel Management System
  • Category 18: Safety & Environmental Policy

Fleet Services has recently installed and is currently using a state-of-the-art computerized fleet management system that will allow the City to track how the fleet is being managed. A fleet utilization study has been completed, and it shows where vehicle reductions and transfers can be made to increase the efficiency of the fleet, thereby, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating costs. Fleet Services continues to conduct Department user interviews in order to fine-tune the operation to meet the needs of users; this has enhanced the customer service aspect of the division.

Fleet Services is in charge of the current installation of an Alternative Fueling Station to be located at the City Service Center (222 W. Beach Ave.), which will enable the City to comply with State and Federal mandates for clean air and take a leadership role for the South Bay in environmental consciousness.

Finally, the Division is looking into creative ways of renewing its current aged fleet with minimal cost to the citizens of the City of Inglewood.

The Fleet Services Division of the Public Works Department for the City of Inglewood takes pride in being named one of the Top 100 Best Fleets in the nation, and will continue to strive for excellence through hard work and perseverance.

Sick Bingo

The Fleet Services Division of the Public Works Department has completed its first round of “Sick Bingo” with the prize going to Antonio Plazo, Equipment Service Worker. The prize was a $50.00 gift certificate to Best Buy.

Sick Bingo provides an incentive to encourage employees to have a perfect attendance record. To play Sick Bingo each member of the Fleet Services Division receives a bingo card. A number is chosen on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. This continues until someone proclaims himself or herself to be a winner.

The catch to the game is, the participant cannot take a sick day while the game is in play. If someone calls in sick, they are eliminated from the current game. They can get involved in the next game once a winner is declared and a new game is started.

Sick Bingo provides an incentive to make sure that an employee is at work each day, because the pool of potential winners continues to narrow as people call in sick. The funding for prizes comes from a “cuss fund” in which anyone caught cussing, demeaning another, or leaving some work undone has to pay a dollar. The cuss fund is voluntary, but a way to keep up peer pressure to be nicer, and more productive.

Sick time used previous to Sick Bingo was at 662 lost hours for the calendar year 2003, this resulted in a loss of $13,000 in productivity. The resulting use of sick time during the quarter Sick Bingo was played decreased to 18 hours, leaving 590 available hours. The projected yearly savings is $11,000.

The Fleet Services Division looks forward to further decreases in sick time usage as the new game commences.

Congratulations Mr. Plazo!

Congratulations Steve Smith, in the Fleet Services Division of the Public Works Department was the second winner of Fleet Services "Sick Bingo".

Because Steve Smith (Administrative Analyst) has a perfect attendance record, he received a portable DVD player. Presenting the award to Steve is Betty Hurst, Fleet Administrative Specialist.

Excellent Job Steve!

Congratulations to Jane Lindsay!

Congratulations to Jane Lindsay, Telecommunications Coordinator for her exemplary attendance record during Fleet Services third round of Sick Bingo. By having a perfect attendance record during the most recent game, Jane was the recipient of a $25.00 Target gift card, and a nice pen. Rick Longobart, Fleet Superintendent, presented the awards.

Congratulations Cesar Alaya, in the Fleet Services Division of the Public Works Department!

He was the fourth winner of the Fleet Services “Sick Bingo”.

Because Cesar (Fleet Services Technician) has a perfect attendance record as winner of the bingo game, he received an 18-volt cordless drill motor. Presenting the award to Cesar is Rick Longobart (Fleet Superintendent).