Storm Water Runoff

Storm Drains

Our storm drain system is an integral cog in the Public Works machine that works for our community. A system that is often overlooked and taken for granted, it is a necessity for flood control, even in cities like Inglewood, which have little rainfall relative to other parts of the world.

Because of its underground location, the magnitude of our storm drain system is rarely appreciated. The City of Inglewood has approximately 54 miles of reinforced concrete pipe storm drains and 1157 catch basins through which our storm water flows. This massive system collects all runoff and carries it away from the City to the ocean. Our Storm Drain Maintenance Staff regularly clears the catch basins and drains of foliage, garbage, and other obstructions to allow the free flow of runoff to prepare for and prevent flooding.

Unfortunately, this runoff usually carries polluted water and other items, which are also carried to the ocean. Anything other than storm water that runs down our gutters, enters our catch basins, and flows through our storm drains will contribute to polluting the ocean. Contributing individually to the system may seem trivial; however, collectively it causes a significant amount of pollution. This pollution can, not only create unpleasant odors, but harm aquatic life and cause severe illness to the people that come into contact with the polluted water.

Storm drains are designed for storm water only. In fact, it is illegal to dump anything other than storm water into the system. Illegal dumping includes car wash water, soapy water, construction water runoff, industrial water, landscape water, trash, dirt, animal waste, paint, fertilizer, oil and/or oily water, etc.

Basically, if it's not storm water, it does not belong in our storm drain system. Information on the proper disposal of contaminated waters and other substances can be obtained through the Department. We regularly schedule hazardous waste collections at convenient locations throughout the City.

Please contact our Department with any information you may have regarding illegal dumping and storm drain pollution. Also, inform us of any problem areas that seasonally flood and/or identify damaged catch basins. Where possible, we will attempt to take the necessary actions to alleviate the problems. With your diligent help and vigilant awareness, we can help keep our oceans clean and our city a safe and pleasant place to live.

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