Parks Maintenance/Construction - The Parks Maintenance/Construction Section takes pride in the provision of care and upkeep of approximately 100 acres of City’s parks and green areas. It includes maintenance of playground equipment, scheduled grounds keeping, and mowing activities to ensure the safety and enjoyment of citizens using any of the parks. Additionally, it is responsible for maintaining all City medians, parkways, public restrooms and all open green space throughout the City.

Tree Maintenance - The Tree Maintenance Section is responsible for the maintenance of 18,495 parkway and median trees.  This includes trimming, planting, watering, removal and pest control.  The City crews take great pride in maintaining urban forestry consistent with the highest professional standards and with optimum regularity to ensure that City trees remain healthy, aesthetically pleasing and safe for both the motoring and pedestrian public.


The Recreation and Cultural Division provides leisure programs at the City’s 13 parks and recreation centers.  The division offers diverse cultural events, sports activities and enrichment classes for individuals ages 2 to 102.  Offerings include: Early Childhood Development Classes (Pre-school), Day Camps, Sports (baseball, football, track and field, swimming, tennis, boxing and others), Cultural/enrichment classes (dance, fitness, art, drama and computer classes, to name a few), After School Programs , Boys and Girls Club, Mobile Recreation Program, Special events and activities (Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Health Fair, Memorial Day, Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks Show, Halloween, Holiday Tree Lighting, Santa’s Workshop, and the recent Centennial Celebrations).


The Human Services Division provides some of the basic necessities of life -- food, shelter, transportation, and programs and activities to enhance the quality of life for persons experiencing life challenges and adverse circumstances.  Range of services include: Senior Center activities, congregate and home delivered meals, care and case management, information and referral, volunteer opportunities, youth and family services, after-school programs, transportation for seniors and person with disabilities, summer lunch program, and after-school snack program.


The mission of the Community Beautification Services Division is rooted in helping to make the City of Inglewood an aesthetically and environmentally pleasing place to live, work and play.  The Division promotes community beautification and fosters neighborhood preservation by property maintenance, eliminating blighted conditions and improving neighborhoods through aggressive graffiti abatement programs to remove graffiti from private and public property.