Park Projects

Listed below are completed projects or those scheduled to begin before the end of fiscal year 2004-2005.

Darby Park- Renovation of the basketball court which included concrete slab work, installation of new standards, and modification of the landscaping to accommodate the development of a Skate Park adjacent to the basketball courts. The funding source is the State of California Specified Grant Program.

Vincent Park- The re-plastering of two swimming pool floors were completed in June 2004. The funding source is the State of California Bond 2000 Act.

Skate Park Construction- The skate park at Darby Park was completed and equipment installed on Saturday, April 16, 2005. The Grand Opening was held on Friday, May 6, 2005. Click here for Skate Park Rules and Photos from Morning Event/KTLA Promo.

Skate Park construction at Rogers and Ed Vincent Park is scheduled to begin September 2005. The funding source is the State of California Bond 2000 Act.

The following are On-going Capital Improvement Projects scheduled for completion during fiscal year 2005-2006.

History of Transportation Mural/Relocation/Restoration-Art Park

The Helen Lundeberg “History of Transportation” Mural Restoration and Relocation Project is nearing completion. The mural, a cast concrete and terrazzo paneled mural wall composed of 60 panels, is 8 feet high and 240 feet long. The panels have been removed from the original wall and are being restored, three to four at a time, at the Sculpture Conservation Studio; only four panels are left to be restored. Finished panels are crated and stored, awaiting the construction of a new wall in the Grevillea Art Park, where the mural will be relocated. Construction documents are being prepared for the new wall, an interpretive kiosk and landscaping of the Park. Groundbreaking is scheduled for November 5, 2005, and a Re-dedication Event for March 4, 2006.

Playground Equipment Replacement-The replacement of playground equipment at North and Queen Park, and Lockhaven Community Center is scheduled during FY 2005-2006. The funding source is the Federal Urban Parks and Recreation Recovery Program Grant.

Siminski Park- The resurfacing of the basketball court is scheduled during FY 2005/2006. The funding source is the State of California 2002 Resources Bond Act.

Vincent Park- Vizion’s West, Inc. has been contracted to perform demolition and construction of two new restrooms at the park. Romtec, Inc is constructing pre-engineered restrooms for installation upon completion of the demolition and installation of plumbing. The project is scheduled for completion October 1, 2005.

Soccer field improvements are performed on an on-going basis with the re-seeding of alternate fields every 90 days. The funding source for the project is the Los Angeles County Prop A.

The following Capital Improvement Projects funded by the State of California 2002 Resources Bond Act will be initiated during FY 2005/2006:

Ashwood Park-Upgrade of plumbing and lighting fixtures.

Circle Park-Installation of a fountain at 8300 Fifth Avenue.

Darby Park-Construction of a concession stand.

North Park- Resurfacing of three tennis courts.

Siminski Park-Upgrading of carpet, window treatments and other interior amenities.

Siminski Park-Construction of an outdoor restroom facility.

Vincent Park-Resurfacing of the basketball court and installation of lighting.

Windscreen Replacements-Replacement of window screens at various parks.