What is Complete?

August 2006
Guiding Principles

  • During the month of August 2006, consultants and City staff met with City stakeholders, organizations and the general public in a series of one-on-one and group interviews to identify issues that affect the community growth and stability. This Visioning Process established a set of Guiding Principles that will be used to formulate policies for each topic of the General Plan.

    November 2006
    Visioning Workshops

  • During the month of November 2006, a series of five Community Visioning Workshops were conducted to provide an opportunity for residents and business owners to share their vision of the City of Inglewood and to inform City officials about issues that affect all residents and business owners. Issues such as land uses, housing, transportation and traffic, open space, schools and public services were addressed during the Visioning Workshops for inclusion in the General Plan update process. A Summary of the Community Visioning meetings can be viewed under Reports and Documents.

    February-March 2007
    Confirm Vision and Guiding Principles

  • In February 2007, the consultant met with City staff to refine the Vision established by the public and stakeholders for presentation to the City Council and various Commissions and Boards.

  • In March 2007, the consultant provided an overview of the General Plan Update process and the Guiding Principles developed during meetings with stakeholders, community visioning participants and staff. The Guiding Principles will be articulated in the community’s development Vision and establish the foundation for the policy framework for the updated General Plan.

    June 2007
    Preliminary Land Use Alternatives

  • Beginning in June 2007, the City and consultant team began the process of formulating Growth and Land Use Alternatives for several geographic Planning Areas within the City, in consideration of the Technical Background Report, the Vision, and Guiding Principles developed previously. Click here to view the Land Use Alternatives and Policy Formulation document. Generally, this document identifies (a) those areas of the City in which uses will be preserved and those areas in which new development shall be targeted (e.g., on vacant lands or re-use/intensification of existing land), and (b) a “use” plan that specifies what alternative land uses are most appropriate to consider for those target areas, including the type of use, density, and character of uses within these areas.

    September 2007
    Community Workshops to Discuss Land Use Alternatives

  • Community workshops were held in September 2007 to discuss with the community of Inglewood the alternative growth and land use alternatives. .The workshops provided the public an opportunity to review and discuss the preliminary land use options/alternatives for each of the Planning Areas discussed above. The participants provided feedback on each alternative land use considered and even recommended additional alternatives to consider in various areas of the City. A summary of the workshops will be posted shortly.

    October 2007
    Inglewood General Plan Update Meeting-Notice Land Use Alternatives and Policy Formulation

  • You are encouraged to attend the meeting and to share your opinions on the future direction of the City. At this meeting interested parties can provide the City with their input on the content and analysis conducted for the General Plan Land Use Alternatives. Your opinions and participation are vital if the City is to develop a General Plan that reflects the goals of the community. Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. You may also send written comments to the Inglewood Planning Division, One Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA  90312. 

    Meeting Notice

    Meeting Notice in Spanish

    What comes next?

    October 2007
    Planning Commission and City Council Review and Confirmation of Land Use Alternatives

  • During the month of October 2007, the Land Use Alternatives and Policy Formulation document will be reviewed with the Planning Commission and City Council to receive input and confirmation regarding each land use alternative considered. The feedback received from the community at each of the community workshops will also be used to refine the land use alternatives.

    November-December 2007
    Evaluate Alternative Growth and Land Use Scenarios

  • Alternative growth and land use development concepts will be evaluated for their comparative fiscal, circulation, and environmental impacts. The findings, along with the alternatives, will be reviewed with the public and at Planning Commission/City Council study sessions. Input received will be used to refine the alternatives and, ultimately, select a preferred plan.