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Pest Alert - Light Brown Apple Moth

The light brown apple moth (LBAM), an invasive species native to Australia, has recently been detected in Solano and Los Angeles counties, adding to the nine previously infested Bay Area and Central Coast counties.  Single moths were detected in both new counties, and additional arrays of insect traps in both areas have detected no additional moths.  LBAM has been recorded from over 200 plants in 120 plant genera in 50 families.  A number of the tree types as potential host includes a number of common fruit trees, oak, willow, walnut, poplar, cottonwood, coast redwood, pine and eucalyptus.  Many other backyard garden vegetable are potential hosts.  The pest destroys, stunts, or deforms young seedlings, spoils the appearance of ornamental plants; and injures deciduous fruit tree crops, citrus and grapes.  Development is continuous, with no true dormancy.  In Australia, this month typically has three generations per year and over-winters as a larva.  In the vicinity of the newly detected infestations, regulatory actions will be directed at wholesale nurseries, retail nurseries, and community and school gardens.  For more information, visit