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Waste Hauler Strike is Over

We at Waste Management are happy to announce that our new five-year contract offer has been ratified today by Teamsters Local 396. The new contract covers 470 drivers, mechanics, and bin shop personnel who provide solid waste collection, recycling, and processing services for greater Los Angeles County

With our regular workforce returning to work tomorrow, we will immediately begin to collect all waste and recycling in Inglewood at an accelerated pace.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We certainly understand the inconvenience this caused for you and for your residents and businesses. 

Our new contract recognizes the unique needs of our employees, their families and our customers, and is both fair and balanced. We are pleased that we have reached an agreement and can again focus on providing excellent service to our customers.

You may tell your residents and businesses to place all their waste and recyclables out according to their regular schedule.  While we are currently behind on pickups, we believe we’ll be back on schedule soon.

We remain committed to providing the highest standard of service and maintaining the public health and quality of life in Inglewood.


            Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Susan Moulton
Director of Public Sector Services
(310) 522-6584 - Office