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The City Unveils its New Website

Interactive links, video clips and colorful new tools that allow a user to quickly find answers to a wide range of questions were all showcased today with the unveiling of the new website for the City of Inglewood.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, will transport residents, business owners, and visitors into a new "cyber city" where bills can be paid online and information can be downloaded without so much as a phone call to city hall.

"Every elected official, department head, and staff member of the City of Inglewood has made a contribution to our new website which not only  is more visually appealing, but is far more efficient in taking the user to the information that he or she is looking for,"  said City Administrator Timothy E. Wanamaker.  "Our new website invites users to select a category that is most appropriate for their search-Resident, Business or Visitor, and then quickly takes them to the item they are searching for."

Users can listen to a brief video introduction that explains how the new website works.   Following the introduction, users are invited to search for information according to three headings: Know More, Be More and Do More.  New users will discover that while the new system has a completely different look, they will in most cases find the information they want more quickly and easily than before.

This fresh new design is the result of several months of discussion and testing by the City's technology experts and administrative staff who investigated websites from across the nation prior to deciding on the current approach.