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Athletic/Football/Soccer Fields Maintenance Policy

Athletic/football/soccer fields are the toughest of all turf areas to maintain. These fields must be maintained properly to provide adequate turf, while minimizing the chance of injury to players. Constant play on athletic/football/soccer fields will cause the turf to deteriorate and become unplayable and possibly dangerous to the athletes. Regular maintenance which involves aerifying and reseeding will limit turf damage.

The City of Inglewood currently has three athletic/football/soccer fields: Darby Park Multi-Purpose Field, Vincent Park Soccer Field A and Vincent Park Soccer Field B.

Proper scheduling offers the most effective means of reducing worn out turf. Athletic/football/soccer fields will be closed during maintenance periods. Maintenance periods are listed below:

Darby Park:
    Fourth week in December through second week in February

Vincent Park Soccer/Football Field:
    Third week in February through fourth week in March
    Third week in July through fourth week in August

The above schedule will be followed as closely as possible. However, changes may occur or deviations from the schedule may happen.