Welcome to our new website which has been redesigned to provide you with more information with less effort!  As we have done throughout the website, we have organized the majority of the information that you are looking for into three main headings:  Do More, Be More, Know More

How can I Do More?
If you want to handle a business matter with the City such as pay a parking ticket, or apply for a permit for a project involving your home, go to the “Do More” tab which will give you direct access to the department you may wish to reach.  In many cases, you will be able to fill out the necessary forms or make a payment directly through the website without having to make a trip to City Hall in person or stand in any lines.  You can literally “Do More” business with city government right from your computer! 

What will I find under Be More?
Be More is the tab that will provide you with information about such things as job listings with City Government, employment training programs, or volunteer programs to assist children or seniors.  In other words, any programs or services that will help you or your family members “Be More” will be listed under this tab! 

What will I find under Know More?
This is the tab that will provide you with answers to questions such as when does the City Council meet? Or what are the days and hours that the library is open?  “Know More” is also a great place to look for information about your City Officials, location of events, and  hundreds of other questions you and your family might have about everything from sidewalk repairs to trash removal.