Welcome to our new website which has been redesigned to provide you with more information with less effort!  As a visitor to our City, we want to know all about us, so we have created this space for you! We think that the more you learn, the faster you will decide to move to our City or launch a business here, so we have organized the majority of the information that you are looking for into three main headings:Do More, Be More, Know More

How can I Do More?
There are terrific activities for the entire family here which include street festivals, art walks, and concerts at our famous mural!  Clicking on the “Do More” tab will display a calendar of free events which are fun and exciting for everyone.  How about joining a quilting class, dancing with our famous square dancers or watching the kids climb a rock wall?  All of these things are possible and “Do More” is the place to start.

What will I find under “Be More”?
“Be More” is a great place to start your search for information pertaining to opportunities that may await you should you choose to become a part of the City.  Job and career information are only a few mouse clicks away, and finding a great new home which is a short commute to work is as easy as clicking on the “Be More” tab. 

What will I find under “Know More”?  
“Know More” is the section that will help visitors learn about the amazing history of Inglewood, from its earliest families to its historic era as the “City of Champions.”  Who are the elected leaders of the City, when are the City Council meetings, and what are the library hours are among the many questions you will find answers to under this  section.