Support Services

About Support Services

The Support Services Bureau is managed by a Deputy Chief and is responsible for management of the following:
  • Vice / Intelligence 
  • Narcotics
  • Policy Development 
  • Property Section
  • Emergency Services
  • Training 
  • Investigations Division
  • Homeland Security

Vice / Intelligence 

The Inglewood Police Department's Vice Section was created to address serious quality of life related issues in the community. 


The Narcotics Section's mission is to enhance the quality of life in Inglewood through the reduction of narcotics activity which occurs in the community. To reach this goal, Narcotics Detectives conduct investigations which may involve the use of undercover officers, covert surveillance tactics and other creative enforcement measures.

Policy Unit 

The Policy Unit is responsible for maintaining department policy to ensure high levels of professional conduct.  

Property Section

The Property Section is responsible for evidence, impounded property, and found property. 


The Training Section is responsible for identifying and providing a high level of relevant and on-going training in a variety of critical disciplines to continuously enhance the overall effectiveness of department personnel.