Mission Statement

The Inglewood Police Department’s mission is to reduce fear of crime and victimization in a manner that elicits public support and approval. We will conform to the highest standards of law enforcement and instill a strong sense of organizational esprit de corps.

We will use all available resources in a fair but firm manner that results in the greatest benefit to the community and the organization.

We will maintain an attitude of courtesy and objectivity toward people in all contacts. The Department will ensure the highest degree of cultural sensitivity and human rights awareness among its members.

We will continually assess the manner in which we interact, both within the Department and with the community. We will provide a harmonious work atmosphere that supports a maximum level of professionalism and responsiveness to the public we serve.

The Department will seek state-of-the-art resources necessary to attract the highest quality personnel, and to support them in the accomplishment of their assigned tasks. The Department will create a climate supporting teamwork, career development and recognition for all personnel.