Materials and Services

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What We Can Do For You

The Crenshaw-Imperial Branch houses thousands of books, magazines, graphic novels, DVDs, and other materials available for visitors to use and enjoy. You can browse or search our collection from anywhere using the online catalog, and library card holders can check out up to 25 items at a time*. To sign up for a library card, visit the library with valid identification and proof of California residency. You can also start the process online by clicking here.

In addition to this wide selection of materials, the library provides many useful resources and services to ensure that visitors have the most productive and enjoyable experience possible. Below you’ll find information about these complementary offerings.

*Only 4 books on the same subject, by the same author, or in the same series can be checked out at a time, and only 2 DVDs can be checked out at a time. Books have a loan period of 3 weeks, and DVDs have a loan period of 1 week. Books (except for exam books) can be renewed up to 2 times if no one else has requested the item.

Reference Materials and Services

Our librarians are expert researchers who can help you find whatever information you need, whether you’re looking for that perfect novel, tracing your family history, or trying to understand your rental contract. Our reference collection includes a variety of dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, legal handbooks, exam practice workbooks, and much more. You can ask for help at the reference desk or call (310) 412-8794 to speak with a librarian.

Online Resources

Once you have registered for an Inglewood Library card, you are able to access many useful online resources such as audio books, ebooks (digital books), and research databases containing countless articles that cover almost any topic. Click here to learn more about what resources are available.

Career Online High School Program
Career Online High School Opens in new windowThe library is especially happy to offer the Career Online High School program in collaboration with California State Library and Gale, a Cengage Learning Company. Adults who have registered for an Inglewood Library card can earn a GED online in 18 months or less. For information on enrolling, call 310-412-4280, or send an email to:

Free Wireless Internet
The library also offers free wireless Internet for all visitors. To connect, select “Inglewood Library WiFi” in your device’s network settings and agree to the terms of use.

Public Computers

Any visitor who has registered for an Inglewood Library card can use one of the library’s public computers once a day. Computers are equipped with convenient applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, Microsoft Video Editor, and several Internet browsers.

AvailabilityPublic computers available at the Crenshaw-Imperial Branch Library.
There are 10 public computers available for visitors of all ages. You will need an Inglewood Public Library card to log in. If you do not have a card, you can register for one at the front desk. You can also begin the registration process online.

If you are visiting from outside California and would like to use a computer, ask for assistance at either the circulation or reference desk. You will need to provide valid identification such as a driver's license or passport.
Using the ComputersAn example of a computer that is available for use.
If a computer’s screen says “Available,” you can use it by first clicking the mouse, then entering your library card number and last name into the designated boxes. You can then click “Log In” to begin your session.

You can also reserve a computer using the reservation station. First choose whether you would like to use the next available computer or make a reservation for a future time. Then enter your library card number and last name. A preview of your reservation will then be displayed. If the information is correct, click “Accept Reservation” and a receipt will be printed.
Printing and CopyingThe Crenshaw-Imperial Branch Library’s printer.
Library visitors may print documents from the public computers using the library’s printer located next to the reference desk. When you select the print option for your document, you will be asked to enter your first and last name. Afterwards, you will be told the price of your print job (each black and white page is $0.15, while color is $0.50). Click “OK” to accept.

Once you’ve accepted, you can go to the print station computer (next to the printer). Click the “Click to Print” button and enter your name exactly as you did earlier. When the screen displays your document(s), highlight the ones you would like and click the “Print” button in the top left corner. Follow the onscreen instructions and put the indicated amount of money into the vending machine to finish printing your document(s).

To make copies of a document, first insert money into the vending machine. The printer’s screen will then display the copying options.