Top 8 Action Items to Prepare for Emergencies

1. Emergency Kits 

Build or purchase an emergency kit that contains: food, water, a flashlight, a radio, extra batteries, a whistle, a dust mask, extra medicine, and any special items you need (e.g. glasses, hearing aids, batteries). 

2. Create a Support Network 

Make a list of family and friends who can provide support and assistance in cases of medical emergencies, evacuations, etc. 

3. Develop a Communications Plan 

Add phone numbers to 3 above and share with everyone on the list. Plan who will call whom. 

4. Develop a Fire Safety Plan 

Plan two ways out of every room and how to exit your home safely. 

5. Share Your Plans with Your Support Group 

Keep your support group informed of your plans, the location of your emergency kits and emergency information, and any changes that you make. 

6. Secure Furniture 

Secure tall furniture to prevent pieces from falling on top of you and/ or blocking exits. 

7. Install Smoke Alarms 

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, especially near sleeping areas. It is recommended that you test smoke alarms monthly and change the batteries at least once a year (during time change for example). 

8. Shut Off Utilities

Learn how and when to shut off your utilities.