• Inglewood Municipal Code 
  • Kidsmartz - child safety program that educates families about preventing abduction and empowers kids to practice safe behaviors.
  • Megan’s Law - the State of California requires sex offenders to register with the police in the jurisdiction in which they reside.  
  • Centinela Youth Services - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization, was founded in the Centinela Valley in 1975 to provide youth counseling; physical and mental health, academic, and developmental intervention; and juvenile crime prevention services. In the mid-90s, due to the strong outcomes achieved by the youth served, CYS services were expanded into many of Los Angeles County’s high-needs communities.  CYS services include Victim Offender Restitution Program, Family Mediation Program, Conflict Resolution Workshops, Counseling and Resource Services and Everychild Restorative Justice Center.  
  • STEP Program 
  • Inglewood Police Activities League
  • How to Shop Safely Online, A Guide for Seniors
  • Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office

Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Pamphlets