Juvenile/Missing Persons

Juvenile & Missing Person Investigations Unit 

The Juvenile and Missing Person Investigations Unit is responsible for Juvenile Investigations and Misdemeanor Juvenile Criminal Investigations.

Criminal Prosecution

The Inglewood Police Department recognizes the importance of criminal prosecution. Especially as it pertains to violent crimes committed by juvenile offenders, but believes that discretion should be used when handling juvenile first or second time offenders through education and intervention. Equally as important as criminal prosecution are resources that provide alternatives, designed to minimize chances of first time offenders becoming repeat offenders who continue to commit crimes as adults.


The Inglewood Police Department is committed to the development and perpetuation of internal and external programs, designed to protect juveniles, prevent and control juvenile delinquency. It's our philosophy that through the cooperative efforts of the community and law enforcement, crime and violence committed by and against juveniles can be minimized or prevented. 

The Inglewood Police Department intends to seek out community-based alternatives to incarceration, such as education, counseling referral services and intervention programs designed to work within an entire family unit. Programs that provide collaboration of the local systems before which a youth may appear such as law enforcement, courts, school, the child protective services, and mental health agencies are optimum.

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