History of Inglewood PD

This section takes you on a journey through the long and exciting history of the Inglewood Police Department.  Learn about how the titles “Constable” to “Marshal” to “Police Officer” represented the early beginnings of law enforcement in the City of Inglewood.  You will also learn about the exceptional deeds of our more influential Chiefs of Police and descriptions of badges and patches from the early days to present.

Before incorporation on February 14, 2008, the community of Inglewood’s law enforcement was the responsibility of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.   On February 10, 1908, a special election by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted for the election of the first law officer for the new City of Inglewood.   J.N. Brooke became the first “Town Marshall” and Inglewood’s law enforcement officers were titled “Marshall’s until 1927.

Historical Overview