1. Books at the Library

    Search our library to find out if we have a book you're looking for.

  2. Budget Information

    View approved budget information from the city.

  3. City Council Agendas

    Read through past agenda and minutes for the city council.

  4. City YouTube Channel

    Find and view videos from the City of Inglewood.

  5. How to Establish a Business

    Find more information on business tax including a fee summary, business tax certificate application, and information on establishing a business.

  6. Council District

    Find out which district you live in.

  7. Elections

    Learn more about Municipal Elections held in the City of Inglewood and how to participate.

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions including questions about social issues, housing, cars and parking, animals, and more.

  9. Open Bids & RFPs

    Browse through open bids and requests for proposals.

  10. Police Custody Information

    Inglewood Police Department maintains a detention facility for adult arrestees. Prisoners are held until they go to court or until they are bailed out from this department.

  11. Police Most Wanted

    Learn about Inglewood's most wanted criminals.

  12. Public Records

    Find out how to request documents from the City Clerk in person, by mail, or by fax.

  13. Ways to Coexist With Wildlife (PDF)

    Find out how to best coexhist with local wildlife.

  14. Social Media Sites

    Find links to follow the City of Inglewood on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.