Housing Protection Overview


Commit to identifying resources and implementing solutions for the provision of affordable housing, and provide equitable and efficient services to renters and landlords within the City.


The City of Inglewood Housing Protection Department is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the City's rent regulations and just cause eviction protections, in addition to contributing to continuous efforts to build vibrant communities through preserving the existing housing stock, and improving the access to decent and affordable housing for the City of Inglewood.


1) Identify and classify rental units in the City of Inglewood that fall under the purview of the Housing Protection Department; (2) Implement the software program for residential registrations and rental inspections; (3) Develop strategies to ensure maximum registration compliance; (4) Provide efficient, equitable, and effective communications and customer service to tenants and landlords; and (5) Preserve and develop affordable housing units, homeownership and affordable housing programs city-wide based on regional housing needs assessment and housing strategy.