Inglewood Residential Registry

A Property Owner and Landlord, subject to the registration requirements, must file an annual registration statement by registering through the online Inglewood Residential Registry System, regardless if the property is used as a rental or not.   

Property owners, landlords, and any property management company acting as the owner’s agent who are creating an account for the first time will need their property’s Assessor Parcel Number(s) and the unique pin (provided in the notices mailed to you from the Housing Protection Department Long Term Rental Division).   

For residential properties with two (2) or more units on a parcel, or single family dwellings owned by a Company, Corporation, LLC, LP, REIT, etc., the following information will be required when you register: 

  • Address of the residence, including identifying the unit number or letter;
  • Unit information, all amenities and housing services associated with the residential unit;
  • Copy of valid Business Tax Certificate (if applicable);
  • Tenant rental amounts, names, start date of tenancy, type of occupants; total number of current occupants at the time of registration; date of last rent increase (if applicable);
  • If an Owner is requesting an Owner-Occupied or Manager Unit Exemption two proofs of residency and/or a Management Agreement is required.   
  • If the Owner has a Property Management Company to manage their property, they will need a Copy of the Property Management Agreement.

Upon successful completion of registration, property owners and landlords will receive the following: 

  1. Residential properties subject to the Housing Protection Ordinance will receive a Fully Regulated Registration Certificate; or 
  2. Residential properties exempt from the Housing Protection Ordinance will receive an Exempt Registration Certificate.

For residential properties offered for rent, copies of the Registration Certificate must be provided to each tenant.  If the property has more than one unit, a copy of the certificate must be posted in a conspicuous location on the property easily accessible to the tenants such as the lobby, mailboxes or near the public entrance. 

Registration of a rental unit(s) shall not be complete, and no registration certificate shall be issued until the Property Owner and/or Landlord has done the following: 

  • Obtained a valid Business Tax Certificate for the Landlord and any property management company acting as the Landlord’s agent; 
  • Filed a complete and accurate registration statement for that unit including all information required by Housing Protection Ordinance and any rules or regulations adopted by the Board; and
  • Paid all fees owed to the City with respect to the residential unit including registration fees imposed pursuant to the Housing Protection Ordinance.

How to Register

IMPORTANT: The Residential Registry System works best when using Google Chrome. If you experience issues with uploading documents or registering, please ensure the browser you are using is Google Chrome.

Owner's Online Manual

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY OWNERS with two (2) or more units on a parcel and/or property owned by a Company, Corporation, LLC, LP REIT, etc., MUST register their property and/or units with the Long Term Rental Department (LTRD).  


Additional Information for Owners

  • In addition to the mandatory registration requirement, owners must also record various transactions within the online Residential Registry System such as rent increases, tenancy terminations, new tenancy information, and change of ownership.  Copies of notices must also be provided to the Housing Protection Department within 3 days of being served to their tenants.  
  • Property Owners can apply for a Property Exemption for Owner Occupied duplexes if the owner resided there before the tenant.
  • Property Owners can apply for a Unit Exemption for an Owner Occupied unit or a Manager unit for properties that contain more than 3 units

Residential Registry System Step-By-Step Instructions  

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Required Information and Documents Needed to Register  

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