Economic & Community Development

Department Goal

The goal of the Economic and Community Development Department is to capitalize on the synergy and interdependence of the various division functions and to encourage through the regulatory process a balance of safe, attractive, and well maintained residential communities, vibrant commercial centers, and varied manufacturing and employment opportunities for residents.
  1. Building Safety

    The Building Safety Division is responsible for the review, approval, and inspection of all building projects within the City.

  2. Code Enforcement

    The mission of the Property Maintenance Division is to enhance and safeguard the City's community beautification and economic development efforts through the enforcement of property maintenance, zoning, and weed and waste Municipal code requirements.

  3. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

    The Community Development Block Grant Division is dedicated to implementing programs that meet community development and housing needs. We take great pride in helping to make our city beautiful, safe, and economically sound.

  4. Housing

    The Inglewood Housing Authority (IHA) has a primary focus on improving service delivery to clients, expanding housing choice voucher options for clients, providing safe environments in which to live, and improving compliance with changing Housing and Urban Development policies.

  5. Planning

    The City of Inglewood Planning Division includes a staff of seven full-time employees. Together, the staff provides expertise in the areas of land use and development as well as site plan review, zoning review and project analysis.

  6. Successor Agency

    The City of Inglewood (“City”) created the Agency in 1969 to exercise the powers granted by the Redevelopment Law.