Aisha L. Thompson

Aisha L. Thompson, former Deputy City Clerk of Inglewood, has served the residents of Inglewood for over 18 years. She served six years in the California State Assembly and 15 years as a Civil Service Employee to the City of Inglewood. Serving as the Deputy City Clerk, she has experience in coordination of Municipal Elections, Roberts Rules of Order, Political Reform Act, swearing in of Elected Officials, interactions with State Legislators, recording, editing, and distribution of minutes, election and municipal codes, financing and budgets, city charter requirements, bond security, drafting meeting agendas, Brown Act open meeting laws, as well as office management. 

On November 3, 2020, she made history when she embarked upon a journey of running for the position of City Clerk. As a first-time candidate, Aisha shocked many when she secured the most votes, and was victorious in succeeding Yvonne Horton. Having held the position of Deputy City Clerk previously, Aisha is committed to continuing to serve the residents of Inglewood with the same determination, tenacity, and transparency as City Clerk.

Her goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a working foundation with the Boards and Commissioners.
  • Assist colleagues, board members, and commissioners on the procedures of filing their Fair Political Practices Commission form 700.
  • Continue to build and create new, lasting relationships with Inglewood residents.
  • Establish and build relationships with the youth of Inglewood, their parents, and IUSD to increase awareness of the voting process as well as increase the number of young voters in our city.  

Aisha has served her community as the liaison for the Youth and Seniors in the State of California. For over 28 years, she is the proud leader and mentor of the well-known Praise Dance Ministry, Glad II. 

Aisha resides in the beautiful city of Inglewood with her son Quentin. 

Favorite Quote: “Aim to be the best you can be” ~ Voncil Smith (Mother)