Standards for the Display of Flags / Signs

Flag Display Regulations

New regulations have been adopted by the City of Inglewood that restricts the display of flags.

  • Any business may display national, state or other governmental flags. Public or nonprofit institutions (Red Cross, Boy Scouts, churches, etc.) may display flags that depict their respective logos. The American Flag may not be used for advertising purposes.
  • Car dealership and plant nurseries may display other types of flags and/or string pennants over outdoor merchandise areas only.
  • No other flags, string pennants or other wind-activated devices may be displayed by any business at any time.
  • A banner (affixed to the wall of a building) may be temporarily displayed to promote an opening, sale, etc. Such banners may not be displayed longer than 30 days at a time, and not more than a total of 45 days in a calendar year. Realtors may display flags on a property offered for sale, but only when an open house is being conducted. Such flags may not be placed along the street or the properties.
  • Section 12-72. Permits Required.

Additional Information

For additional information, please call the Code Enforcement Division at 310-412-5590.

Ordinance 2459 12-13-83, Ordinance 95-23 11-7-95

It shall be unlawful for any person to erect, install, place, move, or enlarge any sign on any premises or upon the exterior of any structure without having obtained sign approval permits issued by the Planning Division and the Building and Safety Division unless otherwise specified in this Article. A separate permit shall be required for each sign or set of signs to be installed or altered. The provisions of Chapter 11 and 12 of this Code governing the procedure in making application for permits and the payment of fees therefore shall be applicable.

Noticia Importante

Esta es una noticia para los negocios y comerciantes de la ciudad de Inglewood. No se permite el uso de banderas y banderillas-en-cordones. Solamente se permiten banderas guberamentales, y negocios que venden automoviles y nurcerias. Estas deben ponerse sobre la mercancia que se almacena a la interperie. Para mas informacion por favor llame a esta linea de telefono 310-412-5590.

  1. Temporary Promotional Advertising Banners
  2. Exempted Signs
  3. Prohibited Signs

Section 12-77.10 - Temporary Promotional Advertising Banners

For such purposes as promoting an opening or a closure of a business, banners, and bunting may be displayed at the location of such events for a period not to exceed thirty days or periods totaling no more than sixty days in a calendar year. The total surface area of all temporary signs shall not exceed fifty percent of the total allowed permanent sign area.

A Temporary Promotional Advertising Sign Permit shall be required prior to the installation of said temporary sign. The permit shall be posted in a window, glass door or similar street façade opening of a building for the duration of the temporary sign approval period while the temporary sign is in use.

(Ordinance 10-09 5-25-10)