Landlord Forms

Buyout Agreement Offer

A landlord must use this packet to serve a tenant with a buyout offer.  

1. Buy Out Packet
2. Buy Out Agreements Frequent Asked Questions 

No-Fault Just Cause Eviction Intent to Occupy by Owner/Close Relative Move-In

A landlord must file this packet (#’s 1-9) with the Housing Protection Department after serving a tenant with a termination of tenancy for owner/close relative move in.

1.    Intent to Occupy Packet Coversheet
2.    Intent to Occupy – Instructions
3.    60 Day Notice-w-Declaration of Service
4.    Instruction Sheet Contest Termination-w-Tenant Assertion
5.    Tenants Relocation Distribution Form
6.    Owner’s Affidavit – Intent to Occupy
7.    Instruction Sheet for Owner Assertion-w-Owner-Close Relative Assertion
8.    Owner-Close Relative Statement of Occupancy
9.    Owner’s Affidavit – Tenant Refusal 

Intent to Demolish

A landlord must use this packet when serving a tenant an Intent to Demolish notice.  

1.  Intent to Demolish Packet

General Forms

1. Relocation Calculation Sheet
2. Registration Recovery Fee Tenant Pass-Through Fee Notice