Water Service

The City of Inglewood is located in the central portion of the Los Angeles County, California and encompasses an area of approximately 9.2 square miles. The City is bordered by the City of Los Angeles on the East, North and West sides and the County of Los Angeles and the City of Hawthorne on the South side.  According to Census Bureau 2020 Data, the City’s population is approximately 110,006, and City provides water services to approximately 86,854 customers within its service area of 7.2 square miles.  The remaining customers are serviced by the Golden State Water Company (GSWC) or Cal-America Water Company.  The City service area is divided into three pressure zones for elevation differences that vary from 60 to 247 feet above mean sea level. 

The City’s water production system consists of four (4) wells and the Sanford T. Anderson Water Treatment Plant (WTP). In 2020, the City provides approximately 9,000 acre-feet of potable water to its customers. Of which, approximately 3,000 acre-feet per year is produced by the City wells, and 6,000 acre-feet per year is purchased from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) through West Basin Municipal Water District (WBMWD).  City of Inglewood annually has water rights of 4,732 acre-feet in the West Coast Basin to extract the groundwater. 

For new water service/meter, please fill a Water Service Application for each location, and email to: sycute@cityofinglewood.org and ksanderlin@cityofinglewood.org

For water usage in a construction, please fill a Fire Hydrant Meter Form, and please submit it to Finance Department Customer Service at Inglewood City Hall First Floor. 

To report water main breaks and emergencies, please call Inglewood Water Division at 310-412-8771 or 310-412-5333. 

Water bill payment from existing water customers: 1) Mail Payments to:  City of Inglewood, Water Billing, P.O. Box 6500, Inglewood , CA 90312-6500; or 2) Pay Online:


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