Community Development Block Grant Program

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is a federally funded program with the primary objective of improving communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities principally for persons of low and moderate income.

The City of Inglewood must certify with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that at least 70% of all funding received will be used to benefit persons of low and moderate income in CDBG eligible areas. Additionally, up to 15% of CDBG program funds may be for public services in eligible areas.

CDBG Eligible Areas


  • To the North - 64th Street
  • To the South - Imperial Highway
  • To the East - Van Ness Avenue
  • To the West - Portal
View the CDBG Designated Areas Map (PDF).

Importance of the CDBG Program

The CDBG program is important to the City and the community because it is a very flexible resource that can be used in many different ways to meet the needs of low-income communities. More importantly, the CDBG process requires citizen participation, which allows for public input in addressing community needs. Public hearings and community meetings are held in conjunction with the proposal application process to identify needs and proposed use of funds, as well as to request project funding.

Requests for proposals (RFPs) are distributed every year to those organizations/agencies looking to address an unmet need in the City. Submission of the RFP does not guarantee funding. A committee reviews proposals and only those with viable projects are recommended to the Mayor and City Council for approval. The Mayor and City Council make all final funding decisions.

Eligible Activities & Costs

  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Clearance and Demolition
  • Home Ownership Assistance
  • Housing
  • Housing Services
  • Lead-Based Paint Testing and Abatement
  • Rehabilitation and Preservation
  • Relocation Assistance

Public Facilities Improvements

  • Acquisition, Construction or Rehabilitation of Neighborhood Facilities and Facilities for Persons With Special Needs (E.G., Cultural Centers, Homeless Shelters, Etc.)
  • Acquisition, Installation, Construction and Rehabilitation of Infrastructure

Economic Development

  • Assistance to Micro-Enterprises and Other Businesses
  • Outreach, Marketing and Other Services to Assisted Businesses
  • Relocation Assistance for Businesses Temporarily or Permanently Relocated
  • Technical Assistance and Supportive Services

Planning & Administrative

  • Fair Housing Activities
  • General Management and Oversight of Programs
  • Preparation of Plans
  • Public Information

Public / Social Services

  • Childcare
  • Crime Prevention
  • Cultural Programs
  • Fair Housing Counseling
  • Health Care and Substance Abuse Services
  • Job Training and Employment Services

Other Eligible Activities (Non-Public Services)

  • Code Enforcement
  • Façade Improvement
  • Historic Preservation

Ineligible Activities

  • Building(s) for the General Conduct of Government (City Hall)
  • General Government Expenses
  • Income Payment
  • Political Activities
  • Religious Activities

Additional Information

For more information on CDBG Program activities or funding, please call CDBG Division staff at 310-412-8844.