Step 2 - Written/Physical Test/Pellet B

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After you fill out an application and you will then receive an email inviting you to one of our testing dates.

Upon successful completion of the Inglewood Written Test and the Inglewood PAT, please click "Forms and Information" on the left side of this page and download and complete the "Pre-Investigative Questionnaire." You must bring a completed "Pre-Investigative Questionnaire" to your Oral Board Interview.

POLICE LATERALS are not required to take the Written Exam or the Physical Agility Test. 


The Written Examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions based on general knowledge, reading comprehension, detail recognition, and logical number matching.  

NOTE: Applicants who do not pass the written test will be allowed to re-take the test approximately 15 days later.  If applicants do not pass after three attempts, they must wait 90 days before retesting unless compelling circumstances as determined by the COP merit otherwise. 

The Written Examination consists of the following:

100 total questions, 2 hour time limit. 

Questions 1-20 Reading Comprehension: Read passages, process / understand the information and answer questions based on the information contained in the passage.

Questions 21-60 Language Skills: Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, identifying correctly and spelled words, synonyms and antonyms. 

Question 61-80 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning: Deducing versus inferring and conclusion versus premise. Questions ask the candidate to draw inferences from general and specific statements.

Question 81-100 Name, number matching and number memorization.

You must get 70% on each section to pass. The test is broken into two sections (1-60 and 61-100) and applicants must pass EACH section with a minimum of 70%.  

PELLET B: T-scores of 46 or above, taken within the past six months, will be accepted in lieu of taking the IPD written test. IPD will not administer the PELLET B test.


Physical Agility Test (Qualifying Only) Candidates passing the written exam will be invited to participate in a physical agility test which will assess each candidate's ability to perform the physical demands of the position. Applicants who do not pass the physical agility test will be allowed to retake the test approximately 90 days later. 

The Physical Agility Test consists of four exercises to measure strength and endurance. The examination consists of 

  • Pull-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups 
  • 1 ½ mile run

Each event is scored, and a minimum passing score is 282 points, of a total maximum score of 565 points.  Applicants who do not pass the test can retake the test after three months.  Applicants who do not pass the second time can retake the test after four additional months.  Click the image below to view the Scoring Sheet PDF. 

scoring Opens in new window


The majority of invitations to participate in our testing processes are conducted via email. It is incumbent that applicants regularly check their email to not miss invites to participate. Please ensure that your email is legibly written on your application, or your invitation to participate in our processes might not be received.

If the Inglewood Police Department (IPD) email is being marked as spam by your service provider, please ensure you add it to your safe sender list. Instructions for major providers can be found on the inTouch Broadcast website. 


If you submit an application and do not get a response/invitation to the written examination, please contact the Background Section (310-412-5236) at least two (2) days before the test.

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