Long Term Rentals

The City of Inglewood Housing Protection Department’s (COIHPD) Long Term Rental Division is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the City’s rent regulations and just cause eviction protections.  A long term rental is a dwelling unit that is rented for more than 30 consecutive days.  

Pursuant to IMC Chapter 8, Article 10, Section 8-126, Rental Unit Registration is mandatory.  All residential properties with two (2) or more units and/or properties owned by a Company, Corporation, LLC, LP, REIT, etc., including commercial properties with residential components (mixed-use), must register annually with COIHPD. After the program commences, new property owners have 30 days to register their residential property.  

The City’s online Inglewood Residential Registry System will allow Property Owners and Landlords to annually submit residential property information to meet the registration requirements set forth in Inglewood Municipal Code (IMC) Section 8-126.

The open registration period is from January to March.   Beginning in April, if registration has not been completed and fees remain unpaid, monthly penalties will be imposed, as well as a potential lien placed on the property tax bill.  

Property Owners and Landlords are able to register their properties by logging into the online Inglewood Residential Registry System: as well as verify registration information, submit requests for any exemptions, record various transactions such as rent increases, tenancy terminations, new tenancy information, change of ownership, and submit notices within three (3) days of being served to their tenants. 

Registration fees are intended to recover the City’s reasonable costs associated with enforcing its Housing Protection regulations as set forth in Chapter 8 (Articles 9 and 10) of the Inglewood Municipal Code, and related inspection programs. 

All properties with rental units must provide each tenant with a Registration Certificate declaring that the property is subject to or exempt from the Housing Protection Ordinance (HPO) and post a copy of the Registration Certificate in a conspicuous location on the property for all residents to view.  Click here to download the English HPO or the Spanish HPO.