Message From the Community Development Block Grant Administrator

Welcome to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Administration web page. The CDBG Division is dedicated to implementing programs that meet community development and housing needs. We take great pride in helping to make our city beautiful, safe, and economically sound. It is our hope that this web page will serve as an informational tool to the community as well as an avenue for gathering public input. Join the City of Inglewood and the CDBG Division in making our City a wonderful place to live and work.


The CDBG Division's mission is to direct, manage and coordinate federal grant programs funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to meet community development and housing needs. Each year the City of Inglewood receives the following three types of federal funding for projects and programs that improve the community.

Through the Consolidated Plan process, the division's primary objectives include meeting HUD's national objectives, which are
  • Removal of slum and blighted conditions.
  • Serving the needs of very-low, low - and moderate-income persons.
  • Alleviating urgent needs (in federally-declared disaster areas).

Additional Information

For more information on CDBG Program Administration, please feel free to contact CDBG staff at:
City of Inglewood
CDBG Division
1 Manchester Boulevard
5th Floor, Suite 550
Inglewood, CA 90301