Inglewood City Hall Security Protocols

Public and city employee safety

The safety of all who visit and work at City Hall is a responsibility we take seriously.

The safety measures at City Hall are not new and have existed since 2018. They can be experienced at concerts, sporting events and most other government buildings.

These measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of City employees, public officials, as well as the general public visiting or doing business at City Hall. 


All visitors will be required to enter through the east main doors on the first floor of City Hall. Once you enter the doors, each person will need to enter information in the visitor management kiosk (name, email or telephone number, department visiting). You will show ID to the security officer and the VMS will take your picture and print your visitor badge.

Once you reach screening, a security officer will take a quick look inside your bags. 

You’ll then take out keys, cell phones and any other metal objects, put them in a plastic bin before walking through a doorway-style metal detector.

A security officer will escort you to the elevator and clear your access to the specific floor visiting. 

Know what items NOT TO BRING to City Hall:

Unauthorized weapons are prohibited within the building, per California Penal Code section 171b.  In addition to the restrictions listed in Penal Code Section 171b, the City of Inglewood prohibits members of the public who hold a concealed weapons permit from entering City Hall with a firearm.  Peace officers, as defined by Penal Code Section 830.1(a), will be allowed to possess firearms in the building. 

Prohibited Items include                                                    

Spray Paint                                                                         Lighters                                                                

Razor Blades                                                                     Bottles

Drug paraphernalia                                                            Corkscrews

Ammunition                                                                         Guns

Scissors                                                                               Handcuffs

Stun Guns mace or Pepper Spray                                     Laser Pointers

Box Cutters                                                                          Leatherman

Knives                                                                                  Replica Guns

Illegal drugs                                                                         Rifles


In addition to the items listed above, any object deemed potentially offensive and/or dangerous by Security personnel and/or by Inglewood Police Department will not be allowed into the Building.


When entering Inglewood City Hall and any other city facility, visitors must have on a shirt, pants/shorts, and shoes.

Clothing or graphics on clothing deemed inappropriate or offensive in nature will not be permitted. 

Full face coverings or ski masks are not permitted within City Hall or any other city facility. If you desire a mask for Public Health reasons, a surgical or N95 mask will be provided to you at the security desk.