Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW)

California Penal Code sections 26150 and 26155 provide that a sheriff of a county, or the chief or other head of a municipal police department of any city or city and county, may issue a license to carry a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person (CCW license).  The Inglewood Police Department will accept CCW applications from the City of Inglewood residents.

Applicant Qualifications

In order to qualify for a license to carry a firearm, the applicant must meet certain requirements, including:

Be a resident of the City of Inglewood (Penal Code 26150; Penal Code 26155).

Be at least 21 years of age (Penal Code 29610).

Fully complete an application that will include substantial personal information.  Much of the information in the application may be subject to public access under the Public Records Act.

Be free from criminal convictions that would disqualify the applicant from carrying a firearm.  Fingerprints will be required, and a complete criminal background check will be conducted.

Be of good moral character (Penal Code 26150; Penal Code 26155).

Pay all associated application fees.  These fees are set by statute and may not be refunded if the application is denied.

Provide proof of ownership or registration of any firearm to be licensed.

Be free from any psychological conditions that might make the applicant unsuitable for carrying a firearm (Penal Code 26190).

Complete required training (Penal Code 26165).

CCW Application Process

Inglewood residents who wish to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) through the Inglewood Police Department must complete the following process.  Although the process may be completed out of sequence, following the order listed below will help applicants move through the process more efficiently.  Applicants who have questions regarding the CCW application process can contact an Inglewood Police Department CCW Investigator at (310) 412-5152 or email


Applicants will begin by completing the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms "Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon" (Form BOF 4012, Revised 08/2022).

NOTE: The applicant should thoroughly review and complete all sections of the Standard Application (pages 3-7 and 9-10), except for the three signatures and dates on pages 3, 8, and 11.  Additional pages may be used and inserted if more space is necessary to complete the application.  The Standard Application can be downloaded on a computer and filled out electronically.

Download the application here: Cal DOJ Standard CCW Application  

Once the Standard Application is completed as specified above, please call an Inglewood Police Department CCW investigator at (310) 412-5152 or email and provide your name, address, phone number, and email address to be placed on a waiting list to schedule an in-person interview.  When your name comes up on the waiting list, an investigator will reach out to the applicant, providing all necessary details and steps to move forward in the application process.

Applications will be submitted to the Inglewood Police Department by bringing your completed application with you on the day of your in-person interview.  You must appear in person to have your application reviewed by an investigator.  If you appear with an incomplete application, your interview will need to be rescheduled.   

At the time the completed application and requested documents are accepted, the applicant shall submit 20% of the application fee ($70.00), a non-refundable fee to cover the cost of processing the application (Penal Code 26190).  Full payment of the remainder of the application fee ($280.00) will be required prior to the issuance of a license.

Live Scan

You will need to complete a live scan as part of your background check.  A copy of the Inglewood Police Department live scan form can be downloaded below, or a copy can be obtained at the Inglewood Police Department.  To find the nearest live scan location, refer to the Department of Justice website at  The Live Scan (DOJ) Fee is payable by the applicant and varies per vendor.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring the live scan operator inputs all information correctly.  Failure to verify that the live scan information is correct may result in having to complete a secondary live scan and will delay the application process.

Download Inglewood PD CCW Live Scan Form


The following documents are required and will be submitted at the time of your interview.  Any required document not provided will result in a canceled interview and will need to be rescheduled.

Valid California Driver's License or California Identification Card with the applicant's name and current Inglewood address.  No PO Box addresses are acceptable.

Original Birth Certificate, Naturalization Certificate, or Valid US Passport.

Proof of Residency (home utility bill including cellular phones, rental/lease agreement, or mortgage bill).  If you do not have a utility bill, notify the investigator when you are contacted to discuss additional documents accepted as proof of residency.

DD-214 (if applicable).

Letters of Reference

The applicant shall provide at least three letters of character reference.  Each reference should be someone you have known for at least two (2) years.  References must not be a relative, and no two references from the same address.


Interview with a background investigator and a review of required documents.  On the interview appointment date, the applicant should bring as much of the required documentation as possible.  DO NOT BRING YOUR FIREARMS.  During the interview, the investigator will go over the application and process as well as advise the applicant regarding any concerns the applicant may have.


The CCW investigator will conduct a thorough investigation to confirm the validity of all training and qualification requirements.  CCW permits will not be issued until clearance is obtained from the Department of Justice.

In the event that an application is denied at the conclusion of, or during, phase one, the applicant shall be notified in writing within 90 days of the initial application or within 30 days after receipt of the applicant's criminal background check from the California DOJ, whichever is later.  If the license is denied, the notice shall state which requirement was not satisfied (Penal Code 26205).

Firearms Training

The Applicants must successfully complete a firearms training course, per Penal Code 26165.  Applicants will contact an approved Training Provider (See attached list below) and complete the training course successfully.  Training fees are payable by the applicant to the provider and may vary.

New Applicants must complete a training course lasting at least 8 hours but not exceeding 16 hours.  Renewal applicants must complete a training course lasting at least 4 hours.  The course shall include instruction on firearm safety, firearm handling, shooting technique, and laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm.

The training provider shall inspect all firearms to ensure the weapon is safe, operable, and in compliance with CA state and federal regulations.  Applicants must complete and pass a live fire course with each firearm to be listed on the license.

When the applicant has completed their firearm training course, a copy of the completed and signed Shooting Proficiency form must be provided at the time of the interview with the CCW Investigator.

Authorized Training Providers (tentative)

Download the Shooting Proficiency Standards Form

Handgun Requirements

Any handgun the applicant intends to carry and have listed on their CCW license shall meet the criteria below before being used during their required firearms training.  Failure to follow the criteria or failure to adhere to CA state and federal regulations will result in the license's immediate suspension and/or revocation.

The handgun must be registered/DROS to the applicant.

The handgun must be concealable upon the person or reasonably sized bag or purse.

The handgun, magazines, and ammunition must be in compliance with applicable CA state and federal laws.

"AR Pistols" and similar handguns are not permitted.

Psychological Assessment

In addition to licensing requirements, as specified by the licensing authority, the Inglewood Police Department may require CCW applicants to undergo psychological testing as part of the application process.  Applicants may be referred to a licensed psychologist used by the Police Department for the psychological testing of its own employees.  Any fees charged will be the applicant's responsibility, and such fees shall not exceed $150.00 for an initial test.  Additional psychological testing of an applicant seeking license renewal may be required. 

Firearm Inspection

Prior to issuance of the CCW permit, all applicants will need to meet with an Inglewood Police Department Range Officer to conduct an inspection of the firearm as well as discuss the applicant's safe storage device(s).  The CCW investigator will contact the applicant and schedule the inspection.  On the date of the inspection, instructions will be given to the applicant on how to bring their firearms to the station.  Variations in this procedure will not be tolerated and can result in the denial of a CCW license.

California recognizes the importance of safe storage by requiring that all firearms sold in California be accompanied by a DOJ-approved firearms safety device or proof that the purchaser owns a gun safe that meets regulatory standards established by the Department.  The current list of DOJ-approved firearms safety devices and the gun safe standards can be viewed by visiting

Note: You may be guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony if you keep a loaded firearm within any premises that are under your custody or control and a child under 18 years of age obtains and uses it, resulting in injury or death, or carries it to a public place unless you stored the firearm in a locked container or locked the firearm with a locking device to temporarily keep it from functioning.

California generally requires all individuals, including law enforcement officers and CCW permit holders, to safely store handguns when leaving them in unattended motor vehicles.  This law requires that the unattended handgun be secured either in a locked trunk, in a locked container that is placed out of plain view or permanently affixed to the vehicle's interior, or in a locked toolbox or utility box that is permanently affixed to the bed of a pickup truck or other vehicle that does not have a trunk (Penal Code 25140, 25452, 25612, SB 869).

License Issuance

Applicants who successfully complete all the training and qualification requirements (all the required documents have been obtained, applications completed, testing and live scan results returned) will be contacted by the CCW investigator to schedule a pickup date for their license to carry a concealed weapon.  The licensee will come to the station to complete the final Identification Card process and pay any remaining fees.  Once the identification card is completed, the CCW permit will be issued.

If granted, the duration of the license shall be not more than two years, as allowed by law.  The license shall lapse by operation of law if the licensee is convicted by final judgment of any felony or serious misdemeanor, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

License Restrictions

The licensing authority may place special restrictions limiting the time, place, manner and circumstances under which any license shall be valid.  In general, these restrictions will prohibit the licensee from:

  • Consuming any alcoholic beverage while armed.
  • Falsely representing themself as a peace officer.
  • Unjustified or unreasonable displaying of a firearm.
  • Committing any crime.
  • Being under the influence of any medication or drug while armed.
  • Interfering with any law enforcement officer's duties.
  • Refusing to display their license or firearm for inspection upon demand of any peace officer.
  • Loading the permitted firearm with Illegal ammunition. 

The Chief of Police reserves the right to inspect any license or licensed firearm at any time.  The alteration of any previously approved firearm, including but not limited to adjusting the trigger pull, adding laser sights or modifications, shall void any license and serve as grounds for revocation.

Revocation of Licenses

The Chief of Police may immediately revoke any Concealed Carry Weapon license for any of the following reasons:

The licensee has violated any of the restrictions or conditions placed upon the license.

The licensee becomes psychologically unsuitable to carry a firearm.

The licensee is determined to be within a prohibited class described in Penal Code 29800, Penal Code 29900, Welfare and Institutions Code 8100, Welfare and Institutions Code 8103, or any state or federal law.

The licensee engages in any conduct that involves a lack of good moral character for the original issuance of the license.

If the license is one to carry "loaded and exposed," the license shall be revoked immediately upon a change of the licensee's place of residence to another county (Penal Code 26210).


Any licensee may apply to amend a license at any time during the period of validity by completing and submitting a written Application for License Amendment (Form BOF 4502, Revised 09/2011) along with the current processing fee to the Inglewood Police Department in order to (Penal Code 26215):

Add or delete authority to carry a firearm listed on the license.

Change restrictions or conditions previously placed on the license.

Change the licensee's address or other personal information (Penal Code 26210).

In the event that any amendment to a valid license is approved by the Chief of Police, a new license will be issued reflecting the amendment.  An amendment to any license will not serve to extend the original expiration date, and an application for an amendment will not constitute an application for renewal of the license.

Download the CCW License Amendment Application


All fees associated with the CCW permit and application are the applicant's responsibility.  Applicants are subject to an application fee determined by the California Department of Justice.  In addition, as permitted under Penal Code 26190(b), additional application processing fees shall be collected according to the Inglewood Police Department's following fee schedule.  Fees are subject to change:

New Application Fees - At the time of application filing, applicants shall pay an initial $70.00 (Non-Refundable) processing fee (i.e., 20% of the Department's application processing costs) to the City of Inglewood.  At the time of new license issuance, applicants shall pay the remaining balance of the Department's application processing costs of $280.00 to the City of Inglewood.

Renewal Fee - At the time of application filing, renewal applicants shall pay a $25 processing plus a card fee to the City of Inglewood.

Replacement / Amendment Fee - At the time of application filing for a license replacement or amendment, the applicant shall pay a $10 processing fee, plus a card fee, to the City of Inglewood.

Download CCW Associated Fees

Insurance Recommendation

Owning and carrying a concealed firearm carries a tremendous amount of responsibility.  It is recommended that CCW permit holders research and purchase some form of concealed carry insurance.  Although there is currently no legal requirement to obtain such insurance in California, if you are involved in a situation where you discharged your firearm, a concealed carry insurance policy could help provide you with specific protections.  This may be helpful if you are engaged in a legal battle concerning the lawful use of your firearm.

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