What to Expect

Steps to know once your property is eligible and you sign up for the program which will lead up to and include construction.

Program Outreach & Orientation

When your property area is available for funding a mailer will be sent to the property owner inviting the owner to participate in the program.

Preliminary Inspection

RSI staff will perform a pre-qualification assessment of the property. This will consist of gathering important information pertaining to pre-existing architectural conditions/and potential pre-existing deficiencies that may or may not impact participation for the RSI benefits.

Acoustical Testing

An acoustical testing will be done on each habitable room using loudspeakers as part of the testing equipment. The individual homes that have interior noise levels equal to or greater than 45 decibels (dB) will qualify for the program. Testing time is usually 3 to 4 hours depending on the number of habitable rooms.

Architectural Survey

An architectural team will perform a survey of your home. This survey involves drawing a floor plan and measuring the windows, doors and other important features. We will also record your choices for new doors and windows, such as color and styles. These measurements will eventually result in construction plans.

Hazardous Materials Inspection

We will inspect your house for lead paint and asbestos so that our construction crews can take the necessary precautions in disposing of these hazardous materials. Small samples will be taken from inconspicuous locations in the ceilings and around window and door frames.

Plans Review

At a design review meeting we will carefully go over all final paperwork, plans and specifications with you. You will have the opportunity to visit our showroom to see sample products and make your final selections. If the plans are satisfactory and you approve of the proposed work, you will be asked to sign a design review approval form. The plans and specifications will then be submitted to the Building Division for approval.

Selection of Contractor

Once the plans and specifications are approved, the city will advertise a group of residences for construction bids. Contractors who bid on the project must meet the city's requirements for quality workmanship. They also must be licensed and bonded. We will contract with the lowest responsive bidder to perform the work.


In the first step in the construction schedule, the contractor will visit your home or building to verify the measurements of the items to be installed or improved. The products (doors, windows, etc.) will then be ordered.

Total construction time varies depending on many factors, including building size, type of structure, number of doors, windows, etc. On average, construction takes no more than two weeks to complete. All work is done between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Residents may continue to live in the home during construction. Windows and doors will be replaced on the same day they are removed to ensure that each dwelling is comfortable and secure.

As with any type of remodeling, there will be disruptions to daily household activities. Please be prepared and have patience. The end result should make the whole process worthwhile!