Parking Permits

Any employee or business owner of a business, within Inglewood's business parking permit district, may apply for one business parking permit for each vehicle that the employee uses for work or to commute to work. Business parking permits are valid for meters within the business parking permit district only. Permit holders are exempt from paying parking meter fees. Permits are associated with a license plate and are nontransferable between vehicles. A parking permit does not guarantee availability of a parking space.

Permit Expiration

All business parking permits expire December 31st of each year and can be purchased in-person at Inglewood City Hall 2nd Traffic Division. Business licenses must be current to apply.

District Parking

Currently, permit parking district 12 is Inglewood's only business parking permit district. Business Parking Permit District 12 is described as follows:
  • Manchester Boulevard between Isis Avenue and Hindry Avenue
  • Olive St between Hindry Avenue and Glasgow Avenue
  • Isis Avenue between Manchester Boulevard and a point 610 feet south of the southerly line of Manchester Boulevard
  • Hindry Avenue between Manchester Boulevard and a point 610 feet south of the southerly line of Manchester Boulevard

Employees Needing Permits

Employees needing permits must provide the City of Inglewood Parking Enterprise Services with the following:
  • Business Name
  • Address of the Business
  • Employee Name
  • Drivers License Number
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Employee ID or Business card


An annual fee of $100 per a permit or $50 semi-annually from July through December. All outstanding citations must be paid before the issuance of a Business Permit. Replacement fee is $25. To purchase permits in person, complete the Business Permit Parking Application (PDF) and bring it to the office at:
City Hall
One W Manchester Boulevard
2nd Floor Parking and Enterprise Services
Inglewood, Ca 90301

For additional information contact Parking and Enterprise Services at 310-412-8732.

Residential Parking Permits

All City of Inglewood residents who live in a permitted area are required to renew their residential parking permits. Parking permits will expire at the end of the year and the City of Inglewood is requiring all residents to come in person and apply for the new 2015 parking permits.

New Permits

To help ensure a smooth transition, residents needing new permits must bring in their most recent gas, water, electric bill or lease agreement. A valid California I.D. or driver's license is also needed to complete the application process. To receive new permit residents should respond in person to the address below beginning December 1, 2014 or residents will be able to apply online in the near future and the permits will be mailed to you.

Costs & Fees

City staff will charge $5 fee for each permit beginning in the 2015 permit season. There will be a limit of 4 permits for each household annually. No additional permits will be allowed to be purchased. If you lose your permit or it is stolen there is a replacement fee of $25. For additional information or to ask questions, contact Parking Enterprise Services at 310-412-8732.
Business Permit Map