Engineering Permits

Permits are issued by Engineering Division staff at the public counter on the 3rd Floor in City Hall. For information or to schedule an appointment with a permit engineer, please call 310-412-5333.


  • Encroachment and Excavation Permits - An encroachment or excavation permit is required for all construction work within or related to the use of any public street right-of way.
  • Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permits - The issuance of a permit is required for the movement of oversize and/or overweight vehicles on City streets.
  • Block Party Permits - Community groups may obtain a permit for the closure of a local residential street for neighborhood block parties only.
  • Parade Permits - Parade and Special Event Permits are issued by the Finance Department located on the 1st Floor at City Hall in the Customer Service Division.

Helpful Documents

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Permit Application

The C&D Permit Application (PDF) must be submitted to the Public Works Department on the 3rd Floor in City Hall.  Any questions concerning the permit process, please call Ashli Marzett at 310-412-5333 or email her

Final Compliance Disposal Report

Upon completion of work or project related to the C&D Permit Application the Final Compliance Disposal Report must be completed and returned along with all original recycle receipts. Failure to remit the required receipts and documentation may result in forfeiture of your deposit. Any questions concerning the permit process, please contact Ana M. Arias-Lopez to at 310-412-5333 or email