Nearby Libraries

If library staff can't find the information being sought, they will frequently refer clients to another library in the area which may offer access to it. The following is a list of academic, public, and special libraries that may offer services this library cannot. These libraries fit into three categories:
  • Academic Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Special Libraries
  1. Academic Libraries

    The following college and universities may allow members of the general public to use their resources. Usually the public cannot check out library materials without paying a fee. Consult each library for its policies.

  2. Public Libraries

    Most Inglewood Public Library users may obtain library cards at the other public libraries. Through this library's participation in California's Universal Borrowing Program, any resident of California may get a card at this library.

  3. Special Libraries

    Special libraries exist to serve a finite public - a company, association, or audience. Those listed are accessible to the general public. The library's pages define its users and steps to be taken to use its facilities.