Green Waste

"Grasscycling" is great for your lawn. Mow your lawn often and let the clippings lie. This is the best use for grass clippings. Composting is another solution. Composting is a practical and convenient way to handle yard trimmings such as leaves, grass, thatch, chipped brush, and plant cuttings. It can be easier and cheaper than bagging or paying to have them removed. Compost also improves your soil and the plants growing in it. If you have a garden, a lawn, trees, shrubs, or even planter boxes, you have a use for compost.

Compost Bins

Compost bins are available at subsidized rate to Inglewood residents. For more information on how to obtain a composting bin, please contact Consolidated Disposal Service's (CDS) Customer Service at 800-299-4898.

Compost Classes

Please be sure to check the "Announcements" and/or Calendar section of our website for upcoming scheduled composting classes.