Wireless Printing

Print from your laptop computer through the Inglewood Public Library's Wi-Fi network.

Printing is only available for laptops with Windows XP or newer (sorry, Mac is not yet available). For other devices or outside printing, ask about our Mobile Printing.

To access Wireless Printing, you must be connected to the wi-fi network, and you will need to download a print client onto your computer. View the links below to install the wireless print client.


  1. When you are ready to print, go to "File" on the Toolbar and select "Print." You should now see two additional printer choices: "Black and White" and "Color."
  2. Select one of the two printers: Black and white costs .15 cents per page; color costs .50 cents per page. If you use the printer icon rather than printing from the menu, your print will default to black and white.
  3. Click "Print." You will be prompted for your first and last name.
  4. You will then see the total cost for your print job. Click "OK" if you wish to proceed.
  5. When the print job is sent, it will display "Print Complete." Click "OK."
  6. Go to a print release station and click on "Release Print Job" at the computer terminal.
  7. When prompted, enter your name and follow directions on the screen. Print release stations accept coins and bills up to $5 denomination.
The Library is not responsible for losses and/or damage to personal equipment, software, data files or personal information by the use of the library's wireless network or by downloading and/or use of the wireless printing client.

The Library cannot guarantee that your equipment or software will be compatible with the library's wireless network or the wireless printing client.

Wireless Print Client

To Run the Wireless Print Client, please click on the appropriate icon below.

Crenshaw Library


Main Library