About the Budget Division

We are the coordinating center and leader in technical application providing budget services. We are well trained, educated and empowered professionals.

The Budget Division prepares and administers the City's Annual Budget. This single document is one of the most important documents the City of Inglewood prepares for it identifies services (City operations) to be provided and how the services are to be financed.


Responsible for special research projects as assigned by the City Administrator, Assistant City Administrator, Mayor and City Council; and, for providing accurate financial information through regular review of revenues and expenditures, fiscal forecasting, and evaluation of fiscal impacts of new programs or services.

This section is also responsible for assisting the Public Works Department for the development of Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget acquisition or construction of major capital facilities, infrastructure or equipment.


  • To provide high quality service, whose needs and expectations deserve prompt, courteous and accurate responses in the areas of Budgeting, Purchasing and Warehousing.
  • To provide and maintain appropriate level of materials on hand to support operations of various City Departments.
  • To begin integration of performance measures in the budget process, to rate programs based on their effectiveness, and to shift resources to more effective programs.